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Maria Teresa chandelier 14/04/2013
with Swarovsky strass and lampshades

Maria Teresa chandelier 14/04/2013
with Swarovsky strass

Chandelier stile impero 14/04/2013
with Swarovski

Maria Teresa chandelier 14/04/2013
with Swarovsky spectra

Venetian custom chandelier 42 lights 21/03/2013
handmade in Murano glass

Medusa chandelier customizable 21/03/2013
handmade in Murano glass

Capriccio horizontal suspension 19/02/2013
White and clear glass customizable

Venetian white chandelier 03/11/2012
Handmade in Murano glass

International Exhibitions 2012 08/03/2012
Milan - Kiev

Capriccio black chandelier adv 08/10/2011
HL Magazine (UK) ADV Page

Custom Lighting for Corinthia Hotel to London 22/08/2011
Exclusive Table Lamps and Suspensions

Custom Murano Floor Lamps for Corinthia Hotel to London 24/07/2011
Exclusive Murano Floor Lamps customized

Medusa black & white chandelier 09/11/2010

Mebel Exhibition 2010 29/10/2010
Moscow (Russia)

Murano Table Lamp with lampshade 14/10/2010
Hand made in Murano glass

Violet Ametista (custom) chandelier 05/08/2010
Murano glass (project)

Rezzonico glamour chandelier 03/08/2010
100% made in Murano glass

Veronese 30/03/2010
Vases and Lighting Vase

Victoriano chandelier 08/03/2010
Marano Lux Lighting

Cą Rezzonico gold chandelier 12+6 lights 20/11/2009
MuranoLux Lighting for Fenwick to London

Capriccio Chandelier Dia. 75 cm. 13/08/2009
Oslo location (Norway)

Sella Chandelier to Fleet Street - London 01/08/2009
Murano Lux

Murano Lighting: Life's Lamp - Reserve 08/01/2009
Floor Lamp - Classic & Contemporary

Venice Cristallo Colore 08/01/2009
Black - White - Crystal and Gold

Venetian Chandelier Red Rubin 08/01/2009
Handmade in Murano Art Glass

Capriccio Lighting 08/01/2009
Blown Hand made in Murano Glass

Medusa Lighting 08/01/2009
Blown Hand made in Murano Glass

FermaCarte Murrine Paperweight 27/02/2008
Murrine in Original Murano Art Glass

Stones Design 27/12/2006
Contract Design with Marbles & Granites

New Murano Glass Jewellery 15/12/2006
Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings

Amber Light Chandelier 24/05/2006
Murano art glass

Turina Design present to Dubai index 2005 23/11/2005
with Domus Gallery group

Venetian Lighting - Exclusive Line 31/10/2005
hand made in Murano

Modular expository display in crystal. 26/08/2005

Passero Solitario 21/02/2005
Sparrow Hermit - With gold leaf

Fermacarte Millefiori 21/02/2005
Paper-Weight with Murrine Millefiori

Goti de Fornasa Murrine (drink glass) 30/01/2005
Murrine in multicolors and Gold Leaf

Alzatina Bowl and Vase 28/10/2004
Gold Leaf

Chandeliers Venice in Murano art glass 28/10/2004
New line chandeliers

Art Glass Light 17/07/2004
Floor, Wall, Hanging, Ceiling, Table Lamps

Domus Line - New Bombato Vase 10/05/2004
Bombato Vase

Domus Line - New Sphere Vase 10/05/2004
Sfera - Sphere Vase

Domus Line - Particular 10/05/2004

Domus Line - New Ming Vase 10/05/2004
Ming Vase

Domus Line - New Handkerchief Vase 10/05/2004
Fazzoletto Vase (handkerchief)

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